Winner! Best Hair Styling Product - Unicorn's Mane Smoothing Serum

KIWI Magazine Natural Beauty Awards 2015






Canada's top beauty editor says our All Nighter Styling Powder is the best Dry Shampoo she's ever used!


London's The Daily Mail calls the All Nighter styling Powder Fall beauty's 'secret ingredient'!!


Family Circle calls our All Nighter Styling Powder a time-saving must-have!


Sassy's Jane Pratt Loves our Mermaid's Kiss and Honey'do Shampoo




"I love the way that PreGame leaves a slightly rough finish on hair. Its great for adding texture before a blowout or set for soft sexy volume and great just got out of bed feel!" -Michael Angelo, owner of NYC's Wonderland Beauty Parlor, and Brooklyn's go-to stylist!


I Heart Unicorns Perfume is TOTALLY AWESOME!

"A heady mix of lemon, peppermint, and pomegranate, the scent was designed to evoke memories of the '80s and '90s, and somehow, it totally succeeds.  " - Nylon

     " this flirty, girly fragrance that’s the essence of bubblegum-flavored innocence, and somehow manages to be reflective but not gimmicky. I Heart Unicorns is warm nostalgia in bottle" - Fiona Byrne and Supermodel Agyness Deyn's online mag NAAG   








 Here's What They're Saying About Pre Game Texturizing Spray!

"an extremely effective and eco-concious way to get sweet mermaid hair" - bellasugar.com

"tousled, piecey waves that usually come from days at the beach, minus the annoying crunch"- nylon

"an incredible coconut scent seals the summery deal" - new beauty


"gives you Giselle waves while still honoring the planet" - dailybeautybreak.com "Perfect beachy waves in a bottle!" - makeherup.com "I can really work some great styles with this product" - itsaglamthing.com  "Give your hair great body" - iheartdaily.com "Ever wondered how to get sexily tousled tresses, va voom volume and root lift around the 3pm droop? If so, Pre Game is your Holy Grail" - organicbeautyview.com

...and the all nighter

"I am addicted" Rachel Zoe, The Zoe Report

"Forget About Bad Hair Days!" - Style Studio


"officially obsessed - this stuff is my daily savior"-Time Out New York   "This is quite a “wow” product! "- Sophie Uliano, Gorgeously Green "I give The All Nighter Styling Powder an “A”



Check Out The Amazing Press For The All Nighter Styling Powder!

  • "The super cute little baby powder like dispenser is perfect - it really worked great" - Elke Von Freudenberg
  • "Simply sprinkle, pouf, and tease and voila!—your tresses will go from flat to fab in seconds " - Treehugger.com
  • "You can’t go wrong with this product. From the way it absorbs oil to the way it smells The All Nighter is amazing." - beauty.beflossy.com
  • "People can save money (less blowouts), help the planet (eliminate excessive shampooing) and look fabulous doing it!" -theorganicbeautyexpert.typepad.com
  • "I sure love this one called The All Nighter. (It) gives me fab results, I’m a fan!" - BeautyJunkiesUnite
  • "I'm Officially Obsessed - This stuff is my savior!" - Time Out New York Time Out New York / Issue 715
  • "Completely natural hair powder created by Tony Artur, owner of A Beautiful Life. It’s a looker, too, with packaging by artist Keith Shore - Why: You can’t go to work like that." -dailycandy.com
  • "I have to say I was a little skeptical and hesitant to try a ‘dry shampoo’, but this product changed my mind!" - BeautySecretsBlog
  • "I am, however super-impressed with All-Nighter. I tried it at first as a traditional dry shampoo to freshen up my ‘do, and it did its job quite well. It also though seems to help improve on texture and volume, meaning it may even look better than when your blowout was freshly done. How crazy awesome is that?" -splendicity.com
  • " I was a little skeptical a powder could actually make my hair feel clean, I get a little obsessive about my hair not being oily.  I have tried it several times and each time I love it more than the last. " - Make Her Up
  • "Robert Pattinson would be wise to shake a fistful of this in his greasy hair. This shaves about twenty minutes off my morning routine. " - Hello Doll Face
  • "I give The All Nighter Styling Powder an “A”; it worked to make my day old flat hair full and renewed" - TheExaminer.com
  • "Guys and gals are going ga-ga over The All Nighter hair styling powder with its fresh, natural ingredients and invigoratingly light scent of tangerine. " -for-the-love-of-beauty.blogspot.com
  • "The All Nighter’s powders (are an) an excellent addition to any lazy beauty gal’s arsenal, so I very enthusiastically recommend you check them out!" -www.jolienadine.com
  • "The All Nighter Styling Powder is the first ever all natural hair powder. Creator Tony Artur is “right on” with this product! Love ya’ Tony!" -www.itsaglamthing.com
  • "marrying functionality and fashion in a way that hasn’t been done before." -www.themakeupdivas.com

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