ABL Surf Wax for Hair
Adds Sheen, Texture, and Hold! 100% Natural - Petroleum Free - Silicone Free

Are you 'board' of your regular pomade? Try our ABL Surf Wax for Hair ~ It's perfect for sleek groomed looks or messy rocker styles. It's NEVER stiff or greasy, and always provides a flexible, rinseable hold. ABL Surf Wax for Hair is designed for men and women alike - it calms frizzies, cures flyaways,  - you can even use it on eyebrows or facial hair!

To use, simply 'palm the puck' and stroke through hair. Whether your hair is damp, towel-dried, or completely dry will affect what kind of finish you get. For flyaways and frizzies, you can rub the puck with your fingertips or work in hands until you have the desired amount of product. Try warming it for a second with a hair dryer for heavier application.

ABL Surf Wax has a unique, all-natural formula that includes beeswax, hempseed oil, & advanced soy extracts. Each ABL Surf Wax puck is hand poured and firm to the touch at room tempurature. Any stray hairs can be gently rinsed off with warm water. It even comes in a cool metal tin for storage in your bag or vanity!

"ABL Surf Wax for Hair was inspired the endless summers of my youth, and the simple, elegant lifestyle of living at the beach. It may be our most versatile product yet!" - Tony Artur, founder - ABL Brands


(yes, you can use it on your surfboard, too)


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