PreGame Texturizing Spray Blows Other Texture Sprays Out Of The Water!
Paraben, Propellant, Petrochemical, Alcohol FREE! Not Tested On Animals!



PRE GAME™ a scrunch-tastic, spritz-sational all natural texturizing spray for beachy texture and tousled piece-y-ness. This salt-based beach spray formulation is infused with a variety of incredibly safe and nourishing ingredients.   PRE GAME™ gives gentle hold and lift to flat dos’!  Use it before you style for extra texture, anytime your hair is suffering from the dreaded ‘mid-day drop’ (y’know around 3pm?)  PRE GAME™ is formulated with Himalaylan Pink Salts AND Dead Seat Salts (for those days highs and lows), Pure Aloe and touch of nourishing argan oil- so it’s beneficial for your hair and scalp.  Gently scented with real coconut essence,  PRE GAME™ blows other beach sprays right out of the water!

 "an extremely effective and eco-concious way to get sweet mermaid hair" -

"tousled, piecey waves that usually come from days at the beach, minus the annoying crunch"- nylon

"an incredible coconut scent seals the summery deal" - new beauty

"gives you Giselle waves while still honoring the planet" - 

"Perfect beachy waves in a bottle!" - 

"I can really work some great styles with this product" -  

"Give your hair great body" - 

"Ever wondered how to get sexily tousled tresses, va voom volume and root lift around the 3pm droop? If so, Pre Game is your Holy Grail" -

"I love the way that PreGame leaves a slightly rough finish on hair. Its great for adding texture before a blowout or set for soft sexy volume and great just got out of bed feel!" -Michael Angelo, owner of NYC's Wonderland Beauty Parlor, and Brooklyn Decker's go-to stylist!

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