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Fresh Ink Tattoo Enhancing Moisturizer

A Beautiful Life Brands

$ 18.00
Fresh Ink Tattoo Enhancing Moisturizer
According to the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, nearly one in four adult Americans have at least one tattoo. Sunlight, time and exposure to the elements can dull and damage the look of those tattoos. Now there is a product with proven clinical results to help protect, preserve and enhance that body art - Fresh Ink™ Tattoo Enhancing Moisturizer. Fresh Ink™ is made from a unique blend of all natural botantical humectants like shea butter and grapeseed oil that strengthen and protect tattooed skin. Plus, Fresh Ink™ contains SRF® , a patented anti-oxidant formula clinically shown to enhance the appearance of tattoos in as little as two weeks. SRF® is a patented formula of Alpha Keto acids (powerful natural anti-oxidants) currently used in a variety of medical applications. It was discovered during clinical testing of it’s efficacy in post-surgical wound care that SRF® has an enhancing effect on the appearance of tattoos. Fresh Ink™ has exclusive license for use of SRF® in tattoo care. In our own field survey of tattoo industry professionals, more than 75% of respondents noticed that colors appeared brighter and linework appeared sharper after using Fresh Ink™ daily for two weeks on tattooed skin. Try Fresh Ink™ on your tattoos - We know you’ll love the results!

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