A Beautiful Life Brands

$ 28.00

 This Perfume Fights Fascism!

First it's them, next it's YOU! Standing up for what you believe in takes dedication - and involves long hours and close quarters. There's no reason you can't smell great on the barricades and in the corridors of power. We can help!
Introducing OTHER by ABL, a universal scent - made in solidarity with people of all genders, creeds, colors, and heritage. Notes of strong coffee, sweet honey, spicy cardamom, lush brown suede, and fragrant cannabis forge a unique and hopeful accord. Specially priced for challenging times!

OTHER by ABL was created in a spirit of diversity and inclusiveness, in response to concerns many Americans are sharing about our freedoms, and our future. We split a $5 donation between The American Civil Liberties Union and to The Southern Poverty Law Center for every 2 oz. bottle sold.

For every 1 oz bottle sold, we will donate $1 to Planned Parenthood


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